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Tynehead Retrievers is proud to announce that Summer will be bred before Christmas. Her puppies will be expected approximately around valentines day. Puppies will be available to go to their approved knew homes about the beginning of May 2014. If you are interested in a puppy, please go to the puppy questionnaire page and fill out the form’s, and email it back to the given addresses.

Tynehead retrievers has been in business for over 35 years now. We have delivered over 1000 litters, cat’s & dog’s. Lisa Folk the founder of Tynehead Retrievers has been a mid-wife to all of the litters. She grew up on a farm in South Surrey B.C. where she quickly learned that she had a knack for animals. She spent time on other farms where she learned how to care and deliver 4 legged offspring. Lisa started the Tynehead Retrievers kennel in the late 1970’s. She married her Husband in 1980 and has been with him and her kennel to date.IMG_20130908_01082

When it comes to the Tynehead Retriever Puppies, Lisa makes sure that every stone is unturned when an buyer is interested. she makes sure the dogs go to the best homes possible, and that people are willing and capable of taking care of them.

This is not a business of money for Lisa it is a business of love for animals.

Lisa has a lot of knowledge when it comes to her work with animals, delivering and caring for them until they go to their new homes. She has picked up some of her knowledge from vets, and various other areas through out the years (e.g., dog shows, dog obedience, seminars, books, and knowledge through other animal enthusiast’s, as well as training service dogs.)


The Tynehead Retrievers kennel has a lot of success in their history. They have had many Golden’s work on the “Air Budd” movies, in “Dirt Devil” commercials, “X-Files“, “Warriors of Virtue“, “You’ve Got Mail“, Dodge Truck commercial, “Twister”, and “Fluke“. We have also taught dog classes for obedience, and for show. To gain a quality Community relationship, we started going to retirement homes where we would bring the golden retrievers to visit with the elderly and people with mental / physical disabilities. We went into the children’s hospital’s (pediatric ward),  Ronald McDonald house’s, and Regional hospital’s all over, where it was therapeutic for the patients to interact with the dogs. There have been many more successes with the Tynehead Golden’s in other areas of the world, as they have been purchased from all over.